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Exquisite Corpse hosts immersive events in unique spaces based on the classic murder mystery format. Much like the old parlor game "Exquisite Corpse", or cadavre exquis, our events are collaborative, with no divide between audience and performers. Each experience is collectively assembled, drawn out of the night by everyone involved.



Fact is often stranger than fiction, and our events are based on true stories. Real places, people, and events add depth and authenticity to our games.

Location 1.jpg


We love a place with character. We use venues with a backstory, and write the history of the space into the plot and characters of the murder mystery.

Characters 1.jpg


While factoring in different levels of extroversion, every attendee has a crucial role in the event. No one has to perform, but everyone has to play.

Photos courtesy Samantha Chong.

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